A spike of dust mites causes winter allergies – what to do with your stuffies

Are you sneezing quite a lot lately and you’re not sick? The problem might be dust mites. There’s a recent spike of them which can cause winter allergies. According to MD Michael Steven Blaiss for Everyday Health, there is such … Continued

Bed Bugs may become a problem in the West Coast of US

Bed bugs are among the enemies of stuffed animals. The West Coast of the US may have a problem with an increase amount of bed bugs. Here’s what to do. Orkin’s top 10 list nets a few cities from the … Continued

Super lice scare parents into overusing special treatments

So-called super lice is scaring parents into overusing special treatments. This leads to new problems with even stronger lice and chemicals applied to kids. In an effort to keep their kids’ heads clean from lice, parents opt for strong treatment … Continued

Today is the 33rd Annual Toys for Tots Ride in Thunder Bay

Today is the 33rd Annual Toys for Tots Ride in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It will once again be in support of The Salvation Army Christmas Toy Campaign. Bikers will make their way across the town to deliver a huge amount … Continued

9 of 10 parents put their babies to sleep in unsafe environments

For years pediatricians are warning parents about the dangers of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Despite that, most parents still neglect the danger. A new study, published this week in the journal Pediatrics reports, shows that 9 out of 10 … Continued

Forget-Me-Not stuffed animals help heartbroken mothers

Losing a child is the worst possible thing which can happen to a parent. Sadly it occurs in the world every day. Forget-Me-Not stuffed animals try to help heartbroken mothers through the difficult times. Forget-Me-Not and Sunflower are programs designed to … Continued

Blog: A smile goes a long way every time

Recently we have been reminded once again that something as simple as a smile can make the difference in one’s day. Even if it’s a smile thanks to a stuffie. You never know how a person feels and you can … Continued

Here’s why children latch on to stuffed animals and blankets

It’s almost like a tradition for children to latch on to stuffed animals, blankets or something similar. There is a scientific reason for that. Back in the 1950s, English pediatrician and psychiatrist Donald Winnicott first coined the term “transitional object,” … Continued