Illinois’ Attorney General released her annual Safe Shopping Guide and dangerous toys list

Illinois’ own Attorney General Lisa Madigan released her annual Safe Shopping Guide. In it she also features a list of the dangerous toys. Madigan has made the list for 10 years now. She wanst to help families plan accordingly and … Continued

Beware of dangerous toys and stuffed animals during your holiday shopping

The holiday shopping is beginning and experts are advising parents to be careful. Potentially dangerous toys and stuffed animals can slip through the stores. It’s easy to overlook obvious things during the shopping frenzy. So, you have to stay sharp … Continued

Here’s why you maybe want to stop buying so many gifts for your kids

Buying gifts is always fun, but there’s also a thing of too many gifts. In fact, buying too many gifts for your kids is not really a good thing. If you buy more and more gifts each time, your child … Continued

Don’t forget to bring in your stuffed animals on the Halloween fun

Halloween 2017 is upon us! You’re probably ready with all the costumes, treats, decorations and etc. But don’t forget to bring in your stuffed animals to the fun! Stuffies love parties. They love fun. It’s the reason why our site … Continued

Going to the doctor? Bring your own stuffed animal companion, experts say

Going with your kids to the pediatrician? Avoid using the stuffed animals there. Instead bring your own plush companions, experts advise. This is one of the latest new tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It aims to prevent … Continued

How to make the most out of the holiday toy shopping

The holiday season is approaching which means – holiday shopping. But it also means stress and long lines, especially for the hit toys. So, if you want to get the best and hottest toys, but also not break your bank… … Continued

Almost 600 000 stuffed animals are recalled in the US for safety reasons

More than half a million stuffed animals are recalled in the US. The toys have a wind-up musical module which can detach and is dangerous to children. The recall is for the Waggy Musical Toys at Carter’s®, Child of Mine®, Guess How … Continued

Study shows toys shouldn’t be separated by gender

Toys for boys and toys for girls seems to be an outdated thing. At least that’s what a BBC experiment shows and claims things are better if done differently. BBC Two aired a documentary called No More Boys and Girls where … Continued

Toys really do help with children’s development, say experts

We’ve said a lot of times that toys and stuffed animals help with children’s development. Experts also say the same, especially at early ages. Experts say early child development occurs during the first five years and have a huge impact … Continued