Nintendo releases new Super Mario plush toys

Nintendo released a new wave of plush toys. All of them feature popular characters from the Super Mario franchise. Including Mario, of course. The new plushies are official, the DailyDot says. They are already out in online stores. And they … Continued

The Pokemon Company unveiled new Pikachu stuffed animals dressed as Mario

The Pokemon Company unveiled new stuffed animals which bring together some of the most popular video game characters ever – Pikachu, Mario and Luigi. The new plush animals are available in Japan. They come along with several other collectible items. … Continued

Jakks Pacific unveils new Nintendo toy collection including plushies

Jakks Pacific has unveiled a new World of Nintendo toy collection. It will feature plush toys as well of many popular video game characters like Mario. The plush line will be quite big. It will feature 7.5-inch tall plushies of … Continued

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