New Pikachu stuffed animal comes in a ketchup bottle

Pikachu is back in another stuffed animal form. This one is among the most unusual ever. The cute toy comes in a ketchup bottle. Yes, that’s right. This Pikachu stuffed animal is a limited edition. Of course he is not … Continued

Today is Winnie The Pooh Day – Here are some cool fact about the most famous bear

January 18th is Winnie The Pooh Day. To mark the special day for the world’s most famous bear, we have some cool facts about him and his friends. Why January 18th is Winnie The Pooh Day? Because it’s the birthday … Continued

There’s now a Teddy Bear Coffee shop in Toronto

You’ve heard and probably read the stories about Teddy Bear coffee shops in Japan. Now, there’s one in Toronto, Canada, too. And it’s quite cool. The Teddy Story Cafe offers a big choice of various caffeinated drinks. It also offers … Continued

The Police in Edwardsville received special new teddy bears to comfort children

Stuffed animals are great companions. They can comfort you in dire situations. That’s why the police always needs them to help children in need. The police in Edwardsville received some special new teddy bears to do that very same thing. … Continued

A family collects 1400 stuffed animals for charity

A family in Siouxland managed to collect 1400 stuffed animals for charity. They will give the toys to children in the local hospital. This is the 4th Annual Mike Ruehle Bear Drive. The Ruehe family helds it since 2014 after … Continued

Bed Bugs may become a problem in the West Coast of US

Bed bugs are among the enemies of stuffed animals. The West Coast of the US may have a problem with an increase amount of bed bugs. Here’s what to do. Orkin’s top 10 list nets a few cities from the … Continued