Posh Paws will make stuffed animals for BBC’s Blue Planet and Planet Earth

Posh Paws is the new toy partner for two of BBC’s most famous documentaries – Planet Earth and Blue Planet. The company will make stuffed animals for them, ToyNews reports. BBC Studios and CPLG are partnering with Posh Paws for … Continued

Golden Bear will be the master toy partner for the Bing animated series

The popular animated series Bing has a new master toy partner. That’s Golden Bear which will make several styles of stuffed animals with the characters. Golden Bear will hold the master toy partner license for the UK, Ireland, EMEA and … Continued

Hamleys reveals its top 12 toys for Christmas in the UK

Christmas is approaching faster and faster. Parents search for cool toy gift ideas. UK’s Hamleys toy store has a selection of 12 top toys for Christmas. “We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this … Continued

Stuffed animals and plush toys conquer the Top 10 Holiday Toys predictions

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. Companies and stores are already working on their holiday toy predictions. And stuffed animals rule them. This is the deduction we get after seeing the latest Top 10 Holiday Toys predictions from BlackFriday.com. … Continued

Golden Bear will continue to be the master toy partner for Twirlywoos

Golden Bear will continue to be the master toy partner for Twirlywoos. The brand owner DHX Brands says Golden Bear will have that title until at least 2020. The new deal runs until 2020. Golder Bear will continue to make … Continued

Toys R Us Canada releases it’s Top Toy Trends for 2018

Toys R Us Canada is still going strong. And it just released it’s list of the Top Toy Trends for 2018. Those are the toys the company expect to be a big hit for the holidays. And it’s quite the … Continued