Toys are not just for kids, they are great for adults, too

It’s generally thought that toys are for kids only. But they can actually be beneficial for adults, too. Toys are a great way to relieve stress. A lot of adults still want to play with toys. But since this is … Continued

Toys that come with meals dictate what kids want to eat

A lot of restaurants give away toys with certain kid’s meals. A survey says this has a powerful influence on what kids want to eat. The survey was made by the Cancer Council Victoria in Australia, the local ABC News … Continued

This custom plushie is the scariest teddy bear you will ever see

Beware, this teddy bear is NOT for kids. It’s for Stephen King’s adult fans and it’s the scariest teddy bear you will ever see. IT (hint) really is. IT was made by Quiet Room Bears and it’s called Pennywise. Now those … Continued

Meet the person with the biggest Hello Kitty toy collection in the world

Do you have a lot of stuffed animals and toys? You may think so. But Masao Gunji from Japan most likely has a bigger toy collection than you and it’s all about Hello Kitty. Gunji is from Yotsukaido, Chiba Prefecture in … Continued

Angry Birds is launching its own line of hatchable stuffed toys

The success of the Hatchimals meant there are going to be other similar toys coming out. Even Angry Birds is joining the party with its own line Hatchlings. The Hatchlings will feature a reversible soft toy which is inspired by … Continued

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