Wicked Cool Toys prepares a huge new Pokemon toy line (including plush)

Wicked Cool Toys announced a huge new Pokemon toy line. It will feature a LOT of toys, including stuffed animals, action figures, games and more. Wicked Cool Toys holds the new master toy license for the entire Pokemon brand. And … Continued

New stuffed animals from the movie “Alien” make their way to the shops

38 years after the initial release of the movie “Alien” it still has quite a big following. So big, there are new plush toys coming out even today. Hallmark released some new Alien-themed stuffed animals. They are part of the … Continued

Disney updated its movie schedule up to 2021 and there will be a lot of toys

Fans of movie-related toys will have quite a lot to look forward to. Disney updated its movie schedule up to 2021 and it shows quite a lot of potential for massive toy lines. The big movie releases start from 2019 … Continued

Build-A-Bear releases new Guardians of the Galaxy stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear is back with some new additions to its stuffed animals collection. The company introduced new Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears. The new line of Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears features several additions. Among them are five 8-inch … Continued

Expert warns parents about the dangers of smart toys and stuffed animals

Smart toys are gaining popularity among children and parents, but that’s a bit worrisome. This is what a cybersecurity expert is warning about these toys. Smart toys and smart stuffed animals can be quite fun. They can talk, move and … Continued

The Build-A-Bear Power Ranger teddy bears are coming

Need more Power Rangers in your life? Build-A-Bear has you covered. The company introduced its new line of Power Ranger teddy bears with accessories. Build-A-Bear showed two new Power Ranger bears. They are Red Ranger and Pink Ranger. Both rock … Continued

Star Wars toys drive the jump in toy sales in Canada

Star Wars drove the big jump in toy sales in Canada, the NPD Group says. The toy market really has to thank the Disney franchise for the huge success. The toy industry market a nice rise of sale by 6% … Continued

Disney makes a Christopher Robin live-action movie with top names

Disney’s new thing is to remake its popular animated movies into live-action flicks. It’s now working on a Winnie the Pooh movie called Christopher Robin. The movie will revolve around the story of Christopher Robin. We will see how he … Continued

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