Are the Beanie Babies still profitable collectibles? Does it matter?

The Beanie Babies were the 90s stuffed animal classic. People loved them so much. Many were flocking to stores and waiting in long lines just to get one. And many hoped they will be able to resell them for a … Continued

The Powerpuff Girls debut new toy lines at the New York Toy Fair

Cartoon Network announced several new toy lines for popular characters. Among them are the Powerpuff Girls which get new toys and LEGO playsets. The toys debuted during the 2018 New York Toy Fair. Joining the Powerpuff Girls with new toys … Continued

Rainbow launches a new line of Disney plush animals

Popular and loved Disney characters are about to get another line of stuffed animals. Rainbow Designs is the new company that will make the cute plushies. And there’s going to be quite a few of them, starting with Winnie-the-Pooh and … Continued

Penguin Ventures announces the new toy makers for the Peter Rabbit movie

After the success of the Winnie-the-Pooh and Paddington movies, another popular character is coming to the big screen. It’s Peter Rabbit who’s movie will debut on March 16th along with quite a few new toys. Penguin Ventures announced several new … Continued

This 6-foot tall stuffed penguin is searching for a new home

It’s not easy being a big stuffed penguin in a small house. This 6-foot tall cuddly plush penguin has this exact problem. The cute friend now needs a new home and is searching for it. Currently, the big penguin lives … Continued