4-year-old boy from Dallas was reunited with his lost Teddy Bear

Kids lose stuff all the time. When they lose their favorite stuffed animal is usually the time to be properly sad. Until the stuffie makes its way back. A 4-year-old boy from North Texas lost his favorite stuffed animal more … Continued

Cork Airport looks for the owner of this cute teddy bear

Kids often leave their favorite stuffed animals behind at airports. Luckily Cork Airport employees found this cute teddy bear and now look for its owner. Often lost teddy bears and stuffed animals are not found by employees at airports. And … Continued

More than half of Brits will return a lost teddy bear, claims study

Loosing a teddy bear can be a very sad event for any child. It turns out 68% of Brits would return a lost teddy bear if they know who is the owner. The UK company My Nametag decided to find … Continued

Lost Teddy Bears at a Hospital Look For Owners

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The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in Winnipeg recently had a Teddy Bear Picnic. It went great but at the end there were a few lost teddy bears. The staff has found them and has taken them in. Currently the … Continued