The FBI issued a warning to parents over connected toys

Interactive toys, aka connected toys, are getting quite popular. So popular in fact, that the FBI has issued a warning towards parents about them. This year connected toys like the Cloud Pets stuffed animals had some issues. Hackers managed to … Continued

Four high tech toys for creative play… and hugging

Modern toys often get to use the additional possibilities and features of technology. Here are four high tech toys for creative play… and some hugging. You probably expect the Hatchnimals to be in this list. And… Of course they are! … Continued

Teddy Ruxpin is coming back in 2017

The classic Teddy Ruxpin is coming back! The interactive teddy bear will be here in 2017 with all new features and the classic appearance! We can’t wait! Teddy Ruxpin debuted originally in 1985. He was an unique toy for the … Continued