Four high tech toys for creative play… and hugging

Modern toys often get to use the additional possibilities and features of technology. Here are four high tech toys for creative play… and some hugging. You probably expect the Hatchnimals to be in this list. And… Of course they are! … Continued

Teddy Ruxpin is coming back in 2017

The classic Teddy Ruxpin is coming back! The interactive teddy bear will be here in 2017 with all new features and the classic appearance! We can’t wait! Teddy Ruxpin debuted originally in 1985. He was an unique toy for the … Continued

Hasbro unveils new Furby Connect

Furby Connect can speak more than 1000 phrases and has several sensors on its body to feel and interact with people. It can even hold basic conversations. This is the new addition to the classic Furby toy line. It is … Continued

Video: How to create your own smart plush toy with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sounds like something complex and it is. But now you can create your own smart plush toy which uses AI to communicate with you. This is possible thanks to an open source project called The Smart Toy. It … Continued

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