Meet the new line of plushies called BirthdayLand

The company Digiplush has launched its first brand called BirthdayLand. It features a few interactive stuffed animals and a special smartphone app. The lineup features two types of toys. One is called Birthdaykins and the other – Huggaloons. The prices … Continued

Are talking stuffed animals good for children

Talking stuffed animals are very well liked by most children. But are such toys good for them? There are different opinions which we will take a look at. There are quite a few types of talking stuffed animals. Some have … Continued

What are Webkinz stuffed animals

Webkinz stuffed animals are a new generation of stuffies that take good use of the latest technologies. Webkinz toys can be very entertaining. Lets check them out. Webkins stuffed animals were first launched in 2005 by the Canadian toy company … Continued

Disney invests in a plush animals company

You may know that Disney has an accelerator for new companies. Well, recently the company took a look at some startups and approved a few ofor funding and further help with developing their business. Among them is a plush animals … Continued