The FBI issued a warning to parents over connected toys

Interactive toys, aka connected toys, are getting quite popular. So popular in fact, that the FBI has issued a warning towards parents about them. This year connected toys like the Cloud Pets stuffed animals had some issues. Hackers managed to … Continued

The Hasbro FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger is coming this fall

Do you need some more interaction with your stuffed animal? Hasbro has you covered. It’s making the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger to be with you. Tyler is a tiger cub who loves to play. He really does love … Continued

Spin Master plans to turn Hatchimals into a big toy brand

Spin Master has big plans for the future of Hatchimals. The company wants to turn them into a big toy brand with lots of toys and accessories. CPLG will be the licensing representative for the Hatchimals across pretty much whole … Continued

The Character Options Little Live Pets are newest Hatchimal competitors

The Hatchimals enjoyed quite the success last year. Naturally, now there are more and more competitors coming. Like Character Options Little Live Pets. They were among the top toys for 2017 as chosen during the Toy Fair at the Olympia … Continued

Peppy Pets are robotic plush dogs for when your kids are too young for a real dog

Kids love puppies, but often are too young to properly take care of one. This is where Peppy Pets robotic plush dogs come into the picture. Having a real dog is a big responsibility. You need to spend a lot … Continued

Spin Master sues against illegal Hatchimal copies

The Hatchimals enjoy quite a lot of attention, but with success often comes some unexpected trouble. For example, fakes of your product and illegal copies. Spin Master has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company Dngguan Moral Region. The Hatchimal … Continued

iPetPals launches interactive tech stuffed animals

It’s inevitable. Stuffed animals and technology will mix together. iPetPals for example launches a new line of interactive tech stuffed animals. The company says it takes the traditional toy and pairs it with technology and music. Why music? It’s instinctive. … Continued

US Senator wants answers from CloudPets about their hacked teddy bears

Spiral Toys continues to have problems with its CloudPets teddy bears. They were hacked a while back and now even a US Senator wants answers. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is a ranking member of the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and … Continued

Hackers stole user data from talking smart stuffed animals

Smart technologies and internet connections are making their way to toys, too. Sadly, this makes smart stuffed animals targets to hackers. Now news are coming out that the popular internet connected stuffed animals CloudPets have been hacked. Cybersecurity expert Troy … Continued

Woobo is the new cuddly smart stuffed animal which can talk with you

Interactive plush animals continue to gain popularity. The new kid on the block is the cute looking Woobo. He is soft, fuzzy and ready to talk to you. Woobo made┬áhis debut during the 2017 New York Toy Fair. He is … Continued