What to do with the unwanted toys from the holidays

Yes, that happens in some homes. The toys are just too much. So what to do? How about giving them to people that need them. Here are some ideas. CBS Local has found a special store called The Toy Shelf. It’s … Continued

How to remove stickers from stuffed animals

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Six cool ways to store your stuffed animals

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Blog: Stuffed animals help you keep your inner child

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How we saved our plush penguin from mold

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Soon you will be able to create and make any stuffed animal at home

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How to reduce the risk of allergies because of stuffed animals

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Should you pierce the ears of your stuffed animal

Piercing the ears of a stuffed animal is an easy way to personalize it with new accessories. But is it something you should do? Let’s discuss it. If you pierce the ears of a stuffed animal you can add earrings, … Continued