Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals will help keep you warm or cooled down during flu

It’s flu season and a lot of us will get sick at least one time. Flu can be especially tough for kids. This is where the new Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals come in. The stuffed animals will help you out a … Continued

A CDC study shows the biggest sleep habits risks for babies

Thousands of babies pass away in their sleep each year in the US. Most of them are from accidental suffocation or SIDS. Now the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a study on the biggest sleep habits risks … Continued

Baltimore tops the bed bugs cities in the USA once again

Stuffed animals rarely have issues. And when they do, they are mostly the one needing help. For example – bed bugs. These bugs are quite the problem in many US cities. And Baltimore tops the list once again. The data … Continued

Can your pets get really jealous of your stuffed animals?

If you have a pet, especially a dog or a cat, you could have found them back home, destroying your stuffed animals. It turns out this may not be just something to do when they are alone, but actual jealousy. … Continued

How to secure interactive internet-connected toys that could spy on your kids

Electronic and internet-connected toys are getting more popular. Some parents are concerned about the security after a year filled with cybersecurity problems for these toys. So, what to do and buff up the safety? Earlier this year the FBI said … Continued

Top 10 toy safety tips coming from the South Carolina health experts

Toys are in their high point of the year and they get a lot of attention. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has some important tips. They will improve the toy safety for you and your … Continued

Edmonton woman knits dozens of teddy bears for children in need for Christmas

An elderly woman from Edmonton has a great way to keep herself busy. She is knitting teddy bears for children in need for Christmas. And she makes lots of the toys, reports. Marcelle Jamieson is creating dozens of knitted … Continued

AAP gives us 12 tips on how to buy safe toys

With so many toys out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But you know you need to buy a good, safe toy for your kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics gives some great tips how to do this. There are … Continued

How to get the most out of Cyber Monday 2017

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