Parents say Hatchimals swear when they sleep

The Hatchimals craze seems to be stepping aside to the Hatchimals hate. Now some parents say the toys use swear words when they sleep. Some videos have popped out online in which you can either hear Hatchimals mumble when they … Continued

Some Hatchimals are not hatching, angering parents

Even the Hatchimals are not immuned to problems. There are reports that some Hatchimals are not actually hatching. Needless to say, parents are not happy. We all know how difficult is to get your hands on the Hatchimals. The interest … Continued

The hunt for Hatchimals continues during the Christmas season

The hunt for Hatchimals continues during the Christmas season. Stores will continue to restock the toys at any chance they get. CNBC reports that Toy R Us will continue to restock with new Hatchinmals all the time. Walmart will be … Continued

Get ready! Two store chains are about to restock with Hatchimals

Still don’t have a Hatchnimal in your stuffed animals collection? You’ll have one more chance on getting your hands on them this weekend at two store chains. Both Target and Walmart will receive new shipments of the Hatchimals, KXAN reports.┬áThis … Continued

Meet the Hatchnimals’ rival – the Fuzzy Wonderz

Can’t get your hands on the Hatchnimals? There’s an alternative. Meet the Fuzzy Wonders which also come in eggs, but have some big differences. The Fuzzy Wonders look a bit like baby Furbies. They come in eggs which you have … Continued

Four high tech toys for creative play… and hugging

Modern toys often get to use the additional possibilities and features of technology. Here are four high tech toys for creative play… and some hugging. You probably expect the Hatchnimals to be in this list. And… Of course they are! … Continued

The Hatchnimals continue to sell out globally

The new interactive stuffed animals, the Hatchnimals, continue their craze and expand globally. The toys are selling out globally, according to reports. There are already five different Hatchnimals: The Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles and Bearakeets. They are making their way … Continued