Spin Master plans to turn Hatchimals into a big toy brand

Spin Master has big plans for the future of Hatchimals. The company wants to turn them into a big toy brand with lots of toys and accessories. CPLG will be the licensing representative for the Hatchimals across pretty much whole … Continued

Spin Master sues against illegal Hatchimal copies

The Hatchimals enjoy quite a lot of attention, but with success often comes some unexpected trouble. For example, fakes of your product and illegal copies. Spin Master has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company Dngguan Moral Region. The Hatchimal … Continued

Spin Master won the 2017 Innovative Toy of the Year for the Hatchimals

Despite a few mishaps, the Hatchimals continue to earn praise. Now Spin Master has won the 2017 Innovative Toy of the Year thanks to them. This happened at the Toy of the Year Awards during the North American International Toy … Continued

The Hatchimals debut a new look for 2017

The Hatchimals have new tricks up their furry sleeves for 2017. The most popular toy of 2016 debuted a new look at the New York Toy Fair. The Hatchimals 2.0 are Spin Master’s attempt to reignite the popular toy and … Continued

A family sues the Hatchimals’ maker over problems with the toy

What happened to the Hatchimals? They were THE toy during the Christmas shopping. Now they are getting lawsuits because people are not happy with them. A family in California has filed a class-action lawsuit against Spin Master – the company … Continued

Parents say Hatchimals swear when they sleep

The Hatchimals craze seems to be stepping aside to the Hatchimals hate. Now some parents say the toys use swear words when they sleep. Some videos have popped out online in which you can either hear Hatchimals mumble when they … Continued

Some Hatchimals are not hatching, angering parents

Even the Hatchimals are not immuned to problems. There are reports that some Hatchimals are not actually hatching. Needless to say, parents are not happy. We all know how difficult is to get your hands on the Hatchimals. The interest … Continued