Hamleys reveals its Top 10 toys for Christmas 2019

Hamleys is the latest big store to reveal a Top 10 toys for Christmas 2019 list. This one features several interesting toys and some predictions. Most of the toys are relatively cheap or affordable at below $50. Some though are … Continued

Hamleys reveals its top 12 toys for Christmas in the UK

Christmas is approaching faster and faster. Parents search for cool toy gift ideas. UK’s Hamleys toy store has a selection of 12 top toys for Christmas. “We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this … Continued

Hamleys’ Christmas Toy Parade gathered 800 000 people in London

Hamleys once again held a yearly Christmas Toy Parade in London. This year Regent Street gathered more than 800 000 people to watch the event. It was once again the largest single gathering of toy characters in the world. And … Continued

Hamleys joins the party with its own Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2016

Toy retailer Hamleys finally joins the party. The company published its own Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2016. The list showcases several trendy topics. As you can imagine, Star Wars and superheroes lead the list. There are several toys which … Continued