games add several toy licenses including for plush animals

Popular browser game added several new toy licenses to its lineup. This means most of the characters from the game are coming as toys and plush. The free-to-play browser game is quite popular these days. So popular, that the … Continued

Five Nights at Freddy’s enjoys high demand and new plush toys

Five Nights at Freddy’s became pretty much a mainstream video game. It’s so popular that it has toy lines including new stuffed animals that are coming. Product demand for the game has rocketed, retailer Forbidden Planet says to ToyNews. The … Continued

Marvel Tsum Tsum stuffed animals get their own mobile game

Marvel’s Tsum Tsum stuffed animals, made by Disney, now have their own mobile game. The game features Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Green Goblin and many more. Japan’s social networking service and mobile gaming provider Mixi is the creator of the … Continued