Why some toys become into huge fads for children?

Some toys are really, really liked by children. So much, the toys become huge mainstream fads. For example: Furby and Hatchimals. And now – the fidgets. But why all of this happens? Why some toys seemingly become larger than life? … Continued

Hasbro will make a live-action movie for Furby

Hasbro will make a live-action movie in which the main star will be Furby. A big Hollywood movie producer is also working on the project. The producer Bob Weinstein revealed that he is working on the movie. Hasbro bosses Stephen … Continued

Furby makes the top pick on Amazon’s best toys for Christmas 2016

Christmas is far away, but companies are already preparing for their busiest time of the year. Amazon revealed its top toy picks for Christmas and Furby headlines the list. Yes, stuffed animals continue to be one of the most popular … Continued

Hasbro unveils new Furby Connect

Furby Connect can speak more than 1000 phrases and has several sensors on its body to feel and interact with people. It can even hold basic conversations. This is the new addition to the classic Furby toy line. It is … Continued

The history of Furby

Furby toys are classic stuffed animals that first came out in 1998. Ever since then they have been very popular and have had several new versions and new features. The history of Furby is quite interesting. So far there have … Continued