Clementoni prepares new educational plush animals and teddy bears

Clementoni is putting even more focus on its Baby Clementoni toy line. The company is preparing new educational plush animals and teddy bears for kids. Infants and pre-school kids will be the main audience of the new stuffed animals. There … Continued

Rainbow Designs unveils new Sensory Miffy educational stuffed animal

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Rainbow Designs has unveiled a new Sensory Miffy education stuffed animal toy. It will feature several interactive functions specially made for preschoolers. The toy was unveiled during the 2016 London ToyFair this past week, ToyNews reports. It is created for preschoolers and … Continued

Teacher uses stuffed animals to encourage kids to read

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Children today read less and less as their attention is drawn to electronics and multimedia. A teacher uses stuffed animals to encourage kids to read more, the NWITimes reports. Heather Treece writes the column herself. She is a second grade … Continued

The benefits of educational stuffed animals for children

Stuffed animals can be very helpful for the development of children. Learning stuffed animals can help with basic things at first. Then they can turn into educational stuffed animals and help kids learn, play and sing. Often children’s first real … Continued

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