Teen makes hundreds of teddy bears by hand to give to other kids

Here’s yet another example of the greatness of teens and kids. Madison Allen from Edgar County makes hundreds of teddy bears by hand to give to other kids. Allen is a high school senior at the Shiloh High. She started … Continued

8-year-old girl makes a difference with stuffed animals

An 8-year-old girl is making a difference for other young kids. She gathers and donates stuffed animals to abused and neglected children, to help them out. Mariska Robinson is from Lauren Run. She has two favorite stuffed animals which she plays … Continued

10-year-old boy collects hundreds of stuffed animals for the police

If you want to see a great example of a big heart, often you can look at young kids. A 10-year-old boy in Parker, CO is this great example. Daniel Velasquez is collecting hundreds of stuffed animals which he then … Continued

The Stockton Heat held the first Teddy Bear Toss of the year

The Stockton Heat hockey team held the first Teddy Bear Toss event of the year. Or maybe one of the last this hockey season. Either way, it was great to see. A total of 8502 fans were at Stockton Arena … Continued

The Police in Edwardsville received special new teddy bears to comfort children

Stuffed animals are great companions. They can comfort you in dire situations. That’s why the police always needs them to help children in need. The police in Edwardsville received some special new teddy bears to do that very same thing. … Continued

A family collects 1400 stuffed animals for charity

A family in Siouxland managed to collect 1400 stuffed animals for charity. They will give the toys to children in the local hospital. This is the 4th Annual Mike Ruehle Bear Drive. The Ruehe family helds it since 2014 after … Continued

Bear Hugs Toy Drive brings hundreds of stuffed animals to children in need

Just before the holidays, the Bear Hugs Toy Drive brought some much needed joy to kids in need at the Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach. The toy drive is launched by Liset Meruelo, wife of Cuban-American businessman Alex … Continued

What to do with the unwanted toys from the holidays

Yes, that happens in some homes. The toys are just too much. So what to do? How about giving them to people that need them. Here are some ideas. CBS Local has found a special store called The Toy Shelf. It’s … Continued

Firefighters in Memphis surprise kids in need with toys and stuffed animals

Fire fighters are the local heroes in almost every community. Apart from saving us from fires, they often help out the community with charity and donations. There are many initiatives in which firefighters participate or even organize. The firefighters in … Continued

Hasbro donated half a million toys for the Global Day of Joy

Hasbro has donated more than half a million toys for the Global Day of Joy. The company also allowed its 5000 employees to volunteer as elves. The total value of the donations is about $6 million, ToyNews reports. Overall Hasbro … Continued