99-year-old woman makes 30 teddy bears a month for kids in need

We all know how something as simple as a stuffed animal can bring you a smile in tough moments. A teddy bear also bring happiness to the giver of the toy. It’s a special feeling when you see the effect … Continued

Eugene retirement facility makes 10 000 teddy bears to donate to kids

Teddy bears are much needed in tough times. They can help a lot by bringing comfort and warmth. This is why the people at a retirement facility in Eugene spend a lot of their time to make teddy bears for … Continued

Unique teddy bear helps raising money for cancer charity

Hayley Kenward from the UK helps charities for over 25 years. Now she’s working with Merrythought for a unique teddy bear which helps raise money for cancer charity, Shoreham Herald reports. Hayley owns a domestic cleaning business called Time For … Continued

Young girl holds a teddy bear picnic to save the real Gobi bears

The Gobi bear is an endangered species which is on the verge of extinction. So, a 9-year-old girl held a teddy bear picnic to help save the real bears. Matilda Somerville organized and held the teddy bear picnic at the … Continued

A florida teen makes special teddy bear keepsakes for the families of fallen officers

A 14-year-old girl from Florida makes touching keepsakes for the families of fallen officers. Megan O’Grady makes special teddy bears for them. Megan created her non-profit organization Blue Line Bears back in January. Her father is also a police officer … Continued

5-year-old boy donated teddy bears to the local police in Pittsburg

When you want to do something good, age is not a factor. A 5-year-old boy donated teddy bears to the local police in Pittsburg for children in need. Jackson Sellmeyer is from McAlester, Oklahoma. He’s made the special donation to … Continued

Keizer Sewing Shop teaches how to create your own teddy bears

Are you looking at some old clothes that are too worn out to be given away? You can still make something great out of them. For example: teddy bears. Meet Judy Craig. He is the owner of Bernina Stretch & … Continued

Healthy Beginnings prepares for the 13th annual Adopt-a-Bear campaign

Mid Oregon Credit Union will hold the 13th annual Adopt-A-Bear campaign to support Healthy Beginnings. It will start next week and the teddy bears are ready. The whole idea of Adopt-A-Bear is to help fund Healthy Beginnings. It features a … Continued

Joy In The Cause organization has donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals

Joy In The Cause is a young non-profit organization. For just three years it has gathered and donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals to emergency services. Joy In The Cause is run by Lisa Bain. Seven years ago she gave … Continued

11-year-old girl creates a teddy bear adoption agency

Kids around the world aren’t waiting around to grow up to take initiative. An 11-year-old-girl in the UK created a teddy bear adoption agency for charity. Scarlett Smith-Dunn created Paws for My Cause as a half-term school project. But now … Continued