The Bakersfield Condors set a new Teddy Bear Toss record

The Bakersfield Condors set a new Teddy Bear Toss record in the 19 year history of their event. The fans brought over 10 000 stuffed animals on Sunday. Just two minutes into the second period, Brad Malone scored the first … Continued

The 2017 Teddy Bear Toss is kicking off with a bang

It’s late 2017 and this means one thing. It’s Teddy Bear Toss season! The popular charity events are kicking off in high speed this year. There were several Teddy Bear Toss events this week and they are only going to … Continued

Two women open a teddy bear museum to help save cats

As we’ve said before, stuffed animals and teddy bears always love to help out. Now they are helping two women save real cats with a teddy bear museum. Two women from Waynesville have opened a teddy bear museum as a … Continued

The 35th annual Toy Run in Benoni can gather more than 20 000 toys and stuffed animals

Between 20 000 and 30 000 bikers are expected to take part in the 35th annual Toy Run in Benoni. Each will bring at least one toy or stuffed animal. The 35th Gauteng Motorcycle Toy Run will be on November … Continued

Dolls of Hope charity sends stuffed animals to kids in need all over the world

Sadly, there’re kids in need all over the world. The Dolls of Hope charity aims to bring a smile to them by sending them stuffed animals and toys. Dolls of Hope was created by Sarah Parson in June 2016 FOX 13 reports. … Continued

The bravest teddy bears in the world jumped from a plane to get to sick kids

David McAlhany took the bravest teddy bears in the world for a sky jump. This way the stuffed animals got to arrive to the sick kids they want to help out. McAlhany is an experienced sky diver. He has jumped … Continued

Hasbro and Battersea Dogs and Cats partner to help rehome pets

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Every year thousands of pets are rescued and need a new home. Hasbro and Battersea Dogs and Cats team together to help care and rehome these pets. Hasbro will use their interactive stuffed animals FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ … Continued

A Michigan woman is making teddy bears out of retired police uniforms for kids

Eva Gray is the wife of a Michigan police officer. She wanted to help out kids dealing with traumatic situations. So, she makes teddy bears for them. Eva wants to help out kids by bringing them a smile. “It just … Continued

Build-A-Bear donated 5000 stuffed animals to the Red Cross

Build-A-Bear made a big donation of 5000 teddy bears to the Red Cross in the US. The stuffed animals will go to Disaster Field Supply Centers. Build-A-Bear wants to help bring children a smile after a tornado, fire or other … Continued