The fourth annual Noble Toy Drive is now underway

The fourth annual Noble Toy Drive is now underway with the goal to collect as much toys and stuffed animals as possible for children in need. The toy drive is a joint effort by Tiffany’s, the Noble Fire Department and … Continued

Operation Christmas Child needs stuffed animal donations for this year’s campaign

Operation Christmas Child is a popular charity initiative of Samaritan’s Purse is ready to kick off for another year. Now it needs stuffed animals for kids. Operation Christmas Child packs shoeboxes with various small gifts, items and toys. The boxes … Continued

Hospitals get thousands of teddy bears as donations for the holidays

Hospitals around the world get ready for the coming holidays. They are about to get thousands of teddy bears and stuffed animals as donations for children. The Pediatrics Unit of Kingston General Hospital says there is an immeasurable impact of … Continued

Estevan Power Dodge Bruins announced their 4th annual Teddy Bear Toss

The season of the Teddy Bear Toss is rapidly coming. The Estevan Power Dodge Bruins announced their 4th annual Teddy Bear Toss event. And it’s coming soon. The event will take place on November 30th. The fourth annual Estevan Mercury … Continued

Motorcycle fans held the 23rd annual Teddy Bear Ride

Motorcycle fans in Trussville, Ala held the 23rd Annual Teddy Bear Ride. The ride is a special fundraiser for the Big Oak Ranch which helps children in need. The Big Oak Ranch is a special place which gives children which … Continued

Sarnia Sting announces its annual teddy bear toss for December 4th

The Teddy Bear Toss season is almost here! Yet another hockey team announced when they will have their own event. That’s the Sarnia Sting very soon. The Sarnia Sting are going to have their 19th annual Teddy Bear Toss on … Continued

The Arrowe Park Hospital marked 20 000 donated teddy bears in 12 years

The Arrowe Park Hospital in the UK marked 20 000 teddy bears donated for the past 12 years. The stuffed animals come from many charity events. Many people assume that the toys come from the NHS, the Liverpool Echo reports. … Continued

12-year-old boy makes teddy bears for sick children

Meet Campbell Remess. He’s 12 years old from Tasmania and has a great hobby. He spends his time making teddy bears which he donates to sick children. He started making teddy bears three years ago. Now he has made over … Continued

The Teddy Bear Posse collects another 10 000 stuffed animals

Yet another branch of the Teddy Bear Posse in the US reached an impressive milestone. The Posse in Wisconsin collected 10 000 stuffed animals for charity. The Wausau Center Mall was the main place for the event. People there brought … Continued

The Teddy Bear Posse gathers 5000 stuffed animals for charity

The Teddy Bear Posse is a charity initiative which continues to gather popularity. It has now gathered 5000 stuffed animals for charity in Michigan. The Teddy Bear Posse in Kalamazoo, Michigan announced it has a whopping 500 stuffed animals to … Continued