New scam in Canada involves fake calls for cash for teddy bears

Now this is is a rare thing. There’s a new phone scam in Canada which involves people asking for cash to buy teddy bears in the name of the OPP. The scammers are using the fact that OPP officers do … Continued

Care With a Bear drive brings in over 1000 stuffed animals for charity

Charity initiatives are always welcome everywhere. Now there’s the new Care With a Bear that brought in over 1000 stuffed animals for kids in need. Over the past month, WTHI and Azzip Pizza in Wabash Valley were working together for … Continued

Women’s Institute in the UK unveiled new Trauma Teddies for the police

We all know the important role stuffed animals and teddy bears can have for the police. Now the Women’s Institute in the UK is taking that to heart with a new initiative. The women at the organization unveiled their own … Continued

The Army veterinary clinic staff held its third annual Teddy Bear Clinic

Yes, the Army also has a veterinary clinic. One of them it’s in Fort Carson and it just held its third annual Teddy Bear Clinic. And it helped lots of kids. Soldiers from the Fort Carson Veterinary Clinic held the … Continued

Local woman organizes a teddy bear drive for the Crestview Police

Teddy bear drives are continuing to gain popularity all over the US. It’s a simple cause, which can be very important to local police and kids in need. A local woman in Crestview, Fla. is doing just that. She’s organizing … Continued

2018 Teddy Bear Posse collects a record 4500 stuffed animals

The 2018 Teddy Bear Posse is complete. It started two months ago with the goal of collecting about 4000 stuffed animals for charity. The end result is a record-setting amount of 4500 plushies. It’s the second year of the Teddy … Continued

University students went skydiving with teddy bears for charity

Teddy bears and stuffed animals in general are quite the adventure lovers. So, it’s no wonder to see 40 or so teddy bears go skydiving. Especially when it’s for a good cause with Indiana University students. The Indiana University Dance … Continued

Young girl scout collects 2500 stuffed animals for charity

Doing good for the people can be very rewarding. This is what a young, 13-year-old girl scout is learning. She collected about 2500 stuffed animals for charity to give to kids in need. Katherine Huggins is from Florence, Ala, WHNT19 … Continued

Students make hundreds of stuffed animals for sick children

School students have a lot of various activities to do with their free time. The students at the York Comprehensive High School prefer to use this time to make stuffed animals for sick children, the Herald Online reports. The students … Continued

The Miami Beach Police is asking for teddy bear donations

Stuffed animals and teddy bears are an important tool for emergency response teams such as the police. The plushies help these teams comfort and relax kids in stressful situations. Now the Miami Beach Police needs help in the form of … Continued