Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys Is Quite the Game for Dogs

Some dogs also love plush animals. And this Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys for Dogs might just be the ideal game for them. It’s a very simple toy game with a lot of promise. It’s basically a … Continued

The Sweet Pups line of plush dogs is coming next month

Brace yourselves, another line of plush toys is coming with big expectations. Meet the Sweet Pups which are coming to the UK next month. Sweet Pups are coming as a new range of collectable pastries. Yes, you read that right, … Continued

Caitec prepares a new HERO Chuckles plush toy line for dogs

Not only humans love stuffed animals. Some animals are quite fond of them, too. Many dogs are among them. So, Caitec has prepared something special for them. A new HERO Chuckles plush toy line which is especially created for dogs. … Continued

The Aurora Police K9 unit is raising fund by selling cute plush police dogs

K9 units often need a lot of funding which is a problem for most police departments. So they usually raise additional money with charity projects. Or by selling cute plush police dogs. This is exactly what the Aurora Police K9 unit is … Continued

Hasbro and Battersea Dogs and Cats partner to help rehome pets

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Every year thousands of pets are rescued and need a new home. Hasbro and Battersea Dogs and Cats team together to help care and rehome these pets. Hasbro will use their interactive stuffed animals FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ … Continued

This cute bulldog won’t go out without his stuffed animal

Real animals also love stuffed animals. Some more than others. This cute 10-year-old bulldog for example, will not go out without taking his stuffed animal. The dog is called Winston and he has a special hobby. He loves his stuffed … Continued

Humane Society starts selling a plush Justice dog for charity

Almost a year ago people in Essex were shocked by a case of an abandoned dog bounded with electrical tape. Now he’s happy and well and wants to help others. This is why the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society has made … Continued

K9 stuffed animals help raise $20 000 for their real counterparts in Redlands

K9 units often need additional help to keep going and be well funded. The K9 unit of the Redlands Police Department raised $20 000 thanks to stuffed animals. The Mexico Cafe in Redlands held its 12th annual Dollars for Dogs … Continued