The Aurora Police K9 unit is raising fund by selling cute plush police dogs

K9 units often need a lot of funding which is a problem for most police departments. So they usually raise additional money with charity projects. Or by selling cute plush police dogs. This is exactly what the Aurora Police K9 unit is … Continued

Humane Society starts selling a plush Justice dog for charity

Almost a year ago people in Essex were shocked by a case of an abandoned dog bounded with electrical tape. Now he’s happy and well and wants to help others. This is why the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society has made … Continued

Stuffed toy dog has gone missing after a space mission (video)

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Schoolchildren successfully launched in space a stuffed toy dog along with  a video camera. The stuffie has gone missing upon returning to Earth though. The event was a project by kids in the Morecamble Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire … Continued