The Top 10 must-have toys for Christmas in New Zealand

Another day, another must-have toys list, right? This one has a bit of a twist as it’s meant for kids in New Zealand. Do they have different interests? Or maybe they have some exclusive toys? Well, probably they do. But … Continued

Illinois’ Attorney General released her annual Safe Shopping Guide and dangerous toys list

Illinois’ own Attorney General Lisa Madigan released her annual Safe Shopping Guide. In it she also features a list of the dangerous toys. Madigan has made the list for 10 years now. She wanst to help families plan accordingly and … Continued

Hamleys’ Christmas Toy Parade gathered 800 000 people in London

Hamleys once again held a yearly Christmas Toy Parade in London. This year Regent Street gathered more than 800 000 people to watch the event. It was once again the largest single gathering of toy characters in the world. And … Continued

How to make the most out of the holiday toy shopping

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Smyths Toys reveals its top toys for Christmas 2017

Christmas is approaching and toy stores are getting ready for their busiest time of the year. Smyths Toys is ready with its top toy list for Christmas 2017. This year interactive toys are leading the list. Among them is the … Continued

Argos reveals its list of top must-have toys for Christmas 2017

It may seem quite soon, but toy companies and retailers are already working hard for Christmas 2017. Argos even revealed its top must-have toys. And there are some bad news for parents’ wallets. A few of these top toys for … Continued

Four high tech toys for creative play… and hugging

Modern toys often get to use the additional possibilities and features of technology. Here are four high tech toys for creative play… and some hugging. You probably expect the Hatchnimals to be in this list. And… Of course they are! … Continued

12 of the most popular toys for Christmas gifts for the last 100 years

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Stuffed animals make the list of the Top 10 must-have toys for Christmas

You love them, we love them. Everybody loves them! No less than three stuffed animals made the list of the top 10 must-have toys this Christmas. This list is created by TradeMe. The company focuses on the most popular toys of this … Continued