Scruff-A-Luvs and Fingerlings Hugs make it to another top toy list

Top toy lists are especially prevalent this year. Maybe that has a lot to do with the demise of Toys R Us and everyone fighting for position. So, now even Time’s Money section made a top toy list for this … Continued

eBay releases its Top 50 toys for the holidays

Top toys lists seem to be very popular this year. Now eBay trumps them all with a list of its Top 50 toys for the holidays. And that’s quite a lot. Of course, you’re not supposed to get them all. … Continued

Hamleys reveals its top 12 toys for Christmas in the UK

Christmas is approaching faster and faster. Parents search for cool toy gift ideas. UK’s Hamleys toy store has a selection of 12 top toys for Christmas. “We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this … Continued

Merry Christmas from our big StuffedParty and a special message

Our big StuffedParty is gathering in this video to wish you a Merry Christmas. It’s been a great and an interesting year and we’re hoping that it was just the start of even better things to come. Our plushies gathered … Continued

Toys for Tots campaign in New York touted as a Christmas miracle

Toys for Tots is a popular US campaign urging people to donate toys and stuffed animals for kids in need. The New York version is now touted as a Christmas miracle by big names like the New York Post. This year the … Continued

Fans donate tens of thousands stuffed animals at Teddy Bear Toss hockey games

The Teddy Bear Toss season is in full gear. Just this weekend fans donated tens of thousands of stuffed animals at hockey games. And there’s more to come! The Teddy Bear Toss kings, The Calgary Hitmen, are going to host … Continued

The UK’s Royal Mail reveals the top 10 toys kids request from Santa

Have you ever wondered what toys do kids actually request from Santa? Well, the UK’s Royal Mail service has a list with the top 10 most wanted toys from Santa this year, the Mirror reports. Royal Mail delivers around 600 … Continued

The 2017 Teddy Bear Toss is kicking off with a bang

It’s late 2017 and this means one thing. It’s Teddy Bear Toss season! The popular charity events are kicking off in high speed this year. There were several Teddy Bear Toss events this week and they are only going to … Continued