2018 Teddy Bear Posse collects a record 4500 stuffed animals

The 2018 Teddy Bear Posse is complete. It started two months ago with the goal of collecting about 4000 stuffed animals for charity. The end result is a record-setting amount of 4500 plushies. It’s the second year of the Teddy … Continued

University students went skydiving with teddy bears for charity

Teddy bears and stuffed animals in general are quite the adventure lovers. So, it’s no wonder to see 40 or so teddy bears go skydiving. Especially when it’s for a good cause with Indiana University students. The Indiana University Dance … Continued

Young girl scout collects 2500 stuffed animals for charity

Doing good for the people can be very rewarding. This is what a young, 13-year-old girl scout is learning. She collected about 2500 stuffed animals for charity to give to kids in need. Katherine Huggins is from Florence, Ala, WHNT19 … Continued

Students make hundreds of stuffed animals for sick children

School students have a lot of various activities to do with their free time. The students at the York Comprehensive High School prefer to use this time to make stuffed animals for sick children, the Herald Online reports. The students … Continued

The Miami Beach Police is asking for teddy bear donations

Stuffed animals and teddy bears are an important tool for emergency response teams such as the police. The plushies help these teams comfort and relax kids in stressful situations. Now the Miami Beach Police needs help in the form of … Continued

10-year-old creates a nonprofit organization and donates stuffed animals to kids

What were you doing when you were 10 years old? Chances are you weren’t busy making your own nonprofit organization. That’s what James Foster did three years ago. And his Hope for Every Child donates stuffed animals to kids. James … Continued

91-year-old grandmother has knitted more than 8000 teddy bears for charity

Everyone has hobbies. The hobby of 91-year-old Phyllis Reeve is quite noble. She has knitted over 8000 teddy bears over the past 22 years. All of them are going to charities and kids in need, the Metro reports. Reeve volunteers … Continued

The Stockton Heat aim to break its teddy bear toss record of over 10 000 donated stuffed animals

The Stockton Heat hockey team had an up-and-down weekend. The team lost 4 to 3 to the Ontario Reign, but broke its teddy bear toss record. Fans donated over 10 000 stuffed animals. Plus, it was actually the fastest teddy … Continued

The Aurora Police K9 unit is raising fund by selling cute plush police dogs

K9 units often need a lot of funding which is a problem for most police departments. So they usually raise additional money with charity projects. Or by selling cute plush police dogs. This is exactly what the Aurora Police K9 unit is … Continued

The Cincinnati Cyclones gathered more than 4000 stuffed animals in their teddy bear toss

The Cincinnati Cyclones held their 8th annual teddy bear toss over the weekend. Fans donated over 4000 stuffed animals and the team won the game. So it was a great weekend for everyone. Well, maybe not for the Wheeling Nailers … Continued