Young boy spends his money on claw machines to get stuffed animals for charity

An 11-year-old boy from California is spending his summer by spending his money on claw machines. But that’s because he wants to donate the stuffed animals. Ethan of Rocklin, California wanted to show his appreciation to the local police department. … Continued

Hasbro will donate Joy For All Companion Pets to Meals on Wheels

Hasbro is teaming up with charity organization Meals on Wheels. The toy company will donate money and its Joy For All Companion Pets to bring joy to seniors. Also, Hasbro is planning to donate $100 000 to Meals on Wheels. … Continued

The Teddy Bear Posse collects stuffed animal donations once again

The Teddy Bear Posse is a regular charity event which once again it’s under steam. The event is in need of new stuffed animal donations for children in need. The latest “edition” of the Teddy Bear Posse will be in … Continued

Bears for Humanity tries to make the world a better place

Bears for Humanity is a company that makes stuffed animals with a twist. For every stuffie sold it donates one to charity organizations for children in need. Despite the name, Bears for Humanity makes quite a lot of stuffed animals. … Continued

Young boy donates over 700 stuffed animals to local authorities

With everything that’s happening in the world, we have to remember the good things. Like a young boy donating over 700 stuffed animals to local authorities. Young Andrew “Drew” Sonnleitner was recently honored by Ben’s Bells. This is a charity … Continued

Project Buttony Bear donates stuffed animals to kids with a stoma

Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) from a young age can be daunting. Project Buttony Bear donates stuffed animals to kids with a stoma to help them feel better. Project Buttony Bear is the creation of The Breakaway Foundation, The Mighty … Continued

A third-grader donates hundreds of stuffed animals to kids in need

A young girl, who is in third grade, has found a great way to spend some of her free time. She donates stuffed animals to children in need in hospitals. About two years ago, Callie Aversano was brought into the … Continued

K9 stuffed animals help raise $20 000 for their real counterparts in Redlands

K9 units often need additional help to keep going and be well funded. The K9 unit of the Redlands Police Department raised $20 000 thanks to stuffed animals. The Mexico Cafe in Redlands held its 12th annual Dollars for Dogs … Continued

9-year-old girl donates stuffed animals to children in need

Children can be traumatized by quite a lot of things. One thing can always help them feel better: a stuffed animal. A 9-year-old girl knows it and donates stuffies to other kids in need. Julianna Gouthiere is a fourth-grade student … Continued

Second Life Toys draws attention to organ transplant with stuffed animals

Second Life Toys has launched its organ transplant awareness campaign. The Japanese company uses stuffed animals to bring attention to the cause. The founder Toga Kida is collecting stuffed animals which need a transplant. They are stuffies with torn limbs, … Continued