Build-A-Bear extends the Pay Your Age promotion to all year only for kids

The Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age day will be remembered with the massive ques all over their stores in the US, UK and Canada. Now there’s a plan B in action. The promotion was especially crowded in the UK where teddy … Continued

Build-A-Bear apologizes for the Pay Your Age Day blunder

Build-A-Bear had a good idea with its Pay Your Age Day promotion. But it ended quite badly with closed stores, chaos and police. So, now the company has a PR issue to resolve. The company acted quick with issuing vouchers … Continued

Build-A-Bear got overwhelmed by the “Pay Your Age” crowds and chaos

Whops… Build-A-Bear’s “Pay Your Age” promo day maybe was too-good of an idea. It gathered so many people, there was police involved and other chaos. Nearly 1000 people came just to one store in Rochester, Minn. Fans from other countries … Continued

Build-A-Bear will hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week

Here’s an interesting idea to keep toys popular amongst the youngest. Build-A-Bear is going to hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week. The event is going to be this Thursday, CBS News reported. The Build-A-Bear Workshop stores will … Continued

Build-A-Bear launches a special Shark Week plush collection

This year Discovery will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Shark Week. To mark the special occasion, Build-A-Bear has set up a special Shark Week-themed collection with stuffed animals and accessories for them. This year Shark Week 2018 kicks off … Continued

Build-A-Bear introduces news Avengers: Infinity War teddy bears

Avengers: Infinity War is going to be quite the movie. The anticipation is high and fans are ready. They can now welcome the movie with new Build-A-Bear themed teddy bears. They include an unique Teenage Groot bear and Iron Spider … Continued

Build-A-Bear introduces a plush unicorn

Fancy a unicorn? Of course you do. Build-A-Bear is going to help you out. The company introduces a plush unicorn stuffed animal. And it’s quite cute coming in a special set with accessories. The new plush unicorn is coming in … Continued

Build-A-Bear gets ready for the Spring Break and Easter with new stuffed animals

Spring Break is coming along with Easter. Build-A-Bear is already ready for the festivities with a special Easter Basket and several in-store activities. An of course, new stuffed animals! Build-A-Bear is introducing several new plush rabbits. All of them are … Continued

Build-A-Bear releases a Groundhog Day special stuffed animal

Just in time for Groundhog Day, Build-A-Bear released a very special stuffed animal. It’s a plush Groundhog! And unlike the real groundhogs, this plush one loves to cuddle. As always, you can customize it, too. For those of you who … Continued

Build-a-Bear adds Sweet Shop Valentine’s Day Gift stuffed animals

Sweets and stuffed animals are the classic Valentine’s Day gift. And while some don’t like them anymore, Build-A-Bear is going full swing into combining both gifts into one with a new toy line of stuffed animals. The new stuffed animals … Continued