Build-A-Bear adds Pokemon’s Meowth to its toy line

Build-A-Bear is ramping up the new toy releases. The company also added the Pokemon Team Rocket’s mascot Meowth to its line along with a few accessories. Meowth is already in the Build-A-Bear Workshops and there’s also a special online exclusive … Continued

Valiant will offer a Bloodshot Bear by Build-A-Bear

Valiant is expanding its toy merchandise with a new addition. It will offer a Bloodshot Bear which is made by Build-A-Bear and it’ll be a limited edition. The special new bear will debut during the New York Comic Con 2017. … Continued

Build-A-Bear will have a special celebration of the National Teddy Bear Day

Did you know that more than half of adults keep their favorite teddy bear? Build-A-Bear issued a survey for the National Teddy Bear Day celebrations. And the company is also preparing a special celebration for all fans of teddy bears … Continued

Build-A-Bear releases a new Shopkins collection

Build-A-Bear and popular toy brand Shopkins are joining forces for a special toy collection. It will feature a unique teddy bear and accessories. Actually, the collection will feature two Shopkins bears along with several outfits and accessories. Build-A-Bear will also … Continued

Build-A-Bear donated 5000 stuffed animals to the Red Cross

Build-A-Bear made a big donation of 5000 teddy bears to the Red Cross in the US. The stuffed animals will go to Disaster Field Supply Centers. Build-A-Bear wants to help bring children a smile after a tornado, fire or other … Continued

Build-A-Bear lands in hot water with a displeased mom who writes a viral online letter to them

Well that’s probably uncomfortable. Last week an displeased British mom left a long open letter to Build-A-Bear because of the store experience for her. And this is where the uncomfortable part comes. Sarah Rawsthorne probably didn’t expect her post to … Continued

Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic introduce the new Furry N’ Fierce toy collection

Now this will be interesting. Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic are joining forces to create the new Furry N’ Fierce collection. It will include various toys. The new toy line is co-branded and it will see toys from both companies. The … Continued

Build-A-Bear introduced a new Spider-Man range

The summer movies are almost here and Build-A-Bear is ready. It introduced a new Spider-Man teddy bear as well as several additional accessories. Spider-Man: Homecoming is hitting the cinemas next month. Can’t wait? Well, there’s a way to get some … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds new Despicable Me 3 stuffed animals

Despicable Me 3 is debuting in the cinemas this month, but Build-A-Bear is already ready with its first wave of themed stuffed animals and plushies. Build-A-Bear is releasing three new stuffed toys and a line of accessories that can go … Continued

Build-A-Bear reveals huge new plans for its Workshops

Build-A-Bear revealed some huge new plans for its Workshops this summer. They will pop up at new places where you’ve never seen them before. Select AMC Theatres in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania opened Build-A-Bear Workshop Pop-Up shops. The in-theater … Continued