Build-A-Bear releases new Guardians of the Galaxy stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear is back with some new additions to its stuffed animals collection. The company introduced new Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears. The new line of Guardians of the Galaxy teddy bears features several additions. Among them are five 8-inch … Continued

Build-A-Bear will publish its own magazine

Build-A-Bear has a big year. They mark their 20th anniversary and want to do it in several ways. One of them is introducing their own magazine. ToyNews reports that the magazine will be available at all UK Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. … Continued

The Build-A-Bear Power Ranger teddy bears are coming

Need more Power Rangers in your life? Build-A-Bear has you covered. The company introduced its new line of Power Ranger teddy bears with accessories. Build-A-Bear showed two new Power Ranger bears. They are Red Ranger and Pink Ranger. Both rock … Continued

Build-a-Bear unveils new Beauty and the Beast stuffed animals

Build-a-Bear expands its line of stuffed animals with new additions from Disney. They are the new Beauty and the Beast special teddy bears. Beauty and the Beast will be one of Disney’s big movies this year. The company will release … Continued

Build-A-Bear and Cookies by Design will offer delicious huggable gifts with stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear announced it’s teaming up with Cookies by Design. Both companies will create new cookie baskets which will host stuffed animals as gifts. The baskets are filled with handmade cookies which are also hand-decorated. You can order them with custom … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds the Charmander to its stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear added another Pokemon character to its line of stuffed animals. The Charmander comes to the rest of the stuffies complete with many accessories. The Charmander joins Pikachu in the Build-A-Bear Pokemon toy line. He is the second most popular … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds new Sonic and Tails stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear is adding Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails to its line of stuffed animals. The new toys are coming with their own special accessories, too. The Sonic and Tails Build-A-Bear stuffed animals are already out. You can even get Sonic … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds customizable plush Trolls to its line

Build-A-Bear continues to expand its line. The company introduced new plush Trolls. And of course, you can customize them as you wish with outfits. The new stuffed animals mark the release of DreamWorks’ movie Trolls. With it the popular characters … Continued

Build-A-Bear celebrates the 2016 Rio Olympics with a moveable stuffed bunny

Build-A-Bear also joins the celebrations for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The company introduced a new moveable stuffed bunny called More Moves Bunny. Most Build-A-Bear stuffed animals don’t really have moveable legs or paws. They are sewn on the body … Continued

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Elliot gets a Build-A-Bear treatment

Disney is releasing a remake of Pete’s Dragon in movie form. To celebrate, Build-A-Bear has made a special Pete’s Dragon Elliot stuffed animal. Pete’s Dragon is a movie first made way back in 1977. It was one of the first … Continued