Lovous Baby Elephant helps babies learn to sit up

Stuffed animals are helpful for many occasions, including for the time when babies start to learn to sit up. Like this Lovous Baby Elephant plush toy. According to BabyCenter, this is a great toy which will help babies learn how … Continued

New Meiya & Alvin stuffed animals combine rubber and plush

Toy manufacturer Suncrest released a new line of Meiya & Alvin stuffed animals. They combine rubber for teething and soft plush for hugging. Cool stuff. The toys are inspired by the safety of the planet. They use natural rubber and … Continued

Can a baby sleep with stuffed animals in the crib

Stuffed animals are very cute and we all love them. But it turns out they could be somewhat dangerous if a baby sleeps with them in the crib. Or is it so? According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the … Continued