The new Hatchimals are here and are doubling up

After quite a lot of rumors and speculations, the new Hatchimals are here. They come in a bigger, heavier egg and that’s for a special reason. As some of you already know, the new Hatchimals eggs actually contain two stuffed … Continued

Now you can make your own robotic teddy bears

A part of every hobby is the custom creation of something. In the case of collecting stuffed animals – making a custom teddy bear or other plushie. Companies like Build-A-Bear and Budsies make this process very simple. But what if you … Continued

The new Teddy Ruxpin gets favorable reviews

Teddy Ruxpin is finally making his comeback. The classic teddy bear was famous for being quite creepy. Now he’s updated and being called cute and cuddly. Yes, after months of waiting, the new Teddy Ruxpin is coming to the stores. … Continued

Hasbro launched a new FurReal Tyler the Playful Tiger stuffed animal for the International Tiger Day

Hasbro joined the festivities of the International Tiger Day in a special way. The toy company introduced the new Tyler the Playful Tiger FurReal plushie. The International Tiger Day was on July 29. It’s dedicated to raise awareness of tiger … Continued

The Hasbro FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger is coming this fall

Do you need some more interaction with your stuffed animal? Hasbro has you covered. It’s making the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger to be with you. Tyler is a tiger cub who loves to play. He really does love … Continued

A twerking stuffed lion angers mums

Kids can be quite frisky on long car journeys, especially toddlers. So, in order to help, Fisher-Price made the Roar ‘n Ride Lion which angered mums. The Roar ‘n Ride Lion is an animated stuffed animal which you can attach … Continued

The Character Options Little Live Pets are newest Hatchimal competitors

The Hatchimals enjoyed quite the success last year. Naturally, now there are more and more competitors coming. Like Character Options Little Live Pets. They were among the top toys for 2017 as chosen during the Toy Fair at the Olympia … Continued

Peppy Pets are robotic plush dogs for when your kids are too young for a real dog

Kids love puppies, but often are too young to properly take care of one. This is where Peppy Pets robotic plush dogs come into the picture. Having a real dog is a big responsibility. You need to spend a lot … Continued

Disney makes a Christopher Robin live-action movie with top names

Disney’s new thing is to remake its popular animated movies into live-action flicks. It’s now working on a Winnie the Pooh movie called Christopher Robin. The movie will revolve around the story of Christopher Robin. We will see how he … Continued

Woobo is the new cuddly smart stuffed animal which can talk with you

Interactive plush animals continue to gain popularity. The new kid on the block is the cute looking Woobo. He is soft, fuzzy and ready to talk to you. Woobo made his debut during the 2017 New York Toy Fair. He is … Continued