US Authorities are concerned about internet-connected toys

Connected toys are getting more and more popular, but they pose security risks. The US Federal Government is concerned about internet-connected toys for this reason. The problem is, such toys can be used to spy on children and families, WND … Continued

Stuffed animals – the one toy trend that’s always going

A lot of toy trends come and go. Some stay for longer, some are only a flash. But others stay for decades and decades. And one of the longest ones is stuffed animals. Stuffed animals have been around for decades. … Continued

Who would have thought: boys and girls prefer different toys

There’s a lot of chatter about why boys and girls play with different toys. Some people are concerned that playing with certain types of toys will have an effect on kids’ gender. It turns out, it’s not like that. Some … Continued

Hamleys opens its largest store in the world and it’s in Beijing

Just 2 days before Christmas Hamleys opened its largest store in the world. It’s in Beijing and attracted quite the interest. That’s despite the Christmas debate going in the country, ABS CBN News reports. The new Beijing Hamleys store is twice … Continued