The toy market is up for a challenging 2018 and companies have to think fast

After a great 2015 and 2016, 2017 wasn’t the best for the toy market. Sales for Hasbro, Mattel and LEGO were down. And it looks like 2018 is also going to be quite the challenge for toy companies. Why is … Continued

Toys R Us Canada remains unaffected by the brand’s troubles in the US and UK

As we all know, Toys R Us has a lot of problems in the US and UK. This naturally raises questions about what’s going to happen to the Canadian branch. As it turns out – nothing, as it’s not affected … Continued

Toys R Us starts its liquidation sales in the US

Toys R Us started the liquidation sales in all US stores. The sales cover all 735 US stores of both Toys R us and Babies R us. And the company expects stuff to go quickly – between 30 and 60 … Continued

The toy trends coming from the 2018 New York Toy Fair

The 2018 New York Toy Fair once again gathered toy companies from all over the world. As always, they showed off thousands of toys and stuffed animals. And the New York Toy Fair shaped the trends for 2018. There are … Continued

Parents want more classic toys instead of tech toys

It’s the digital age and this means lots and lots of technology-heavy toys. According to Playmobil though, parents actually want and prefer their kids to play with classic toys which inspire imaginary play. The new poll from Playmobil shows that … Continued

Here are the winners at the 2018 Toy of the Year Awards

The 2018 Toy of the Year Awards once again brought attention to the most interesting and popular toys. The Awards actually are quite a lot and cover many toy categories. And here they are. If you want to find out … Continued

Toys R Us slashes prices by 30% for the stores that are about to close

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? In the case of Toys R Us’ bankruptcy and store closings, that lining is lower prices. As expected, the store chain gave out more information about the going-out-of-business discount sales at selected stores. … Continued