Sweet Plush creates candy-themed designer stuffed animals

Sweet Plush creates candy-themed designer stuffed animals
Image credit: Sweet Plush

Sweet Plush is a new plush toy company that creates candy-themed stuffed animals. The company now needs your help to bring the project to the market.

Sweet Plush is created by Metro State University graduates Enrique and Julia. During their senior years of college in 2013-2014 they started Panda Kitty Studios. “We were both studying product design and we’re both kinda nerdy, and kinda artsy, so we really enjoy the “kawaii” style, Japanese-inspired things”, Julia said for StuffedParty.com.

Julia and Enrique wanted to start making and selling artwork at anime conventions they attended. “We make costume accessories like wings, ears, plush unicorn horns, and travel to conventions to sell them. I am part of the “brony” fandom (My Little Pony fans) and our items are really popular with them”, she added.

They like to dabble in different crafts and have always wanted to make plushies. “I taught myself some sewing and made a couple patterns, but I just don’t have the years of experience or equipment to make the complex designs I had in mind. I discovered Shinedown Productions, a company highly recommended by some of my fellow convention artists, who will help design and manufacture custom plush toys. For the past seven months or so, I’ve been going back and forth designing the first in my series of candy-themed plush toys”, Julia said.

Thus, the Sweet Plush Kickstarter campaign has been started. It seeks funding for the completion of the initial production order and run of the candy-themed stuffed animals. If the goal is reached, there will be two stuffed animals on offer initially – the Cotton Candy Alpaca and the Peppermint Bumblebee. Both are 9-inch stuffed animals which look very cute.

There are two more stuffies, -the Unicorn Pop Narwhal and the Jawbreaker Tortoise. They are also 9 inches. The more funding Sweet Plush gets, the higher probability is for all of the four plushies to be unlocked as soon as next month. Otherwise it would take a little bit more time, but in the end, all of the stuffies should find they way to the market. It’s up to you. Check out the Kickstarter page for more information.