Surprizamals are new stuffed animals that come in surprise balls

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Surprizamals are new stuffed animals that come in surprise ballsDo you want to mix the excitement of getting new stuffed animals with the fun of surprises? Surprizeamals are doing just that by hiding what toy you get.

It is kind of like the LEGO Minifigure series. The Surprizamals stuffed animals come in a sealed package. In this case a ball, which, unsurprisingly, is called a Surprizaball.

The balls are of a solid color, so there is no way to know what stuffed animal you get until you buy it and open it. Surprizamals Stuffed Animals include 12 models in Series 1 and over 60 models in Series 2 which is launching in the Fall of 2016.

The stuffed animals in the series are collectibles. Each of them has a different production run. The series include Ellie the Elephant, Rex the Lion and Mandy the Panda which are Rare Surprizamals pets. There is also Moe the Bear who is Ultra-Rare.

Hailey the Horse, Mango the Monkey, Scruffy the Dog and Gemma the Unicorn on the other hand are the ones with the highest production runs. Prices are about $4.99 a pop. If you do come across a duplicate, you can always exchange it with a friend who has a stuffie from the series that you need. In fact, it is encouraged.