Super lice scare parents into overusing special treatments

Super lice scare parents into overusing special treatmentsSo-called super lice is scaring parents into overusing special treatments. This leads to new problems with even stronger lice and chemicals applied to kids.

In an effort to keep their kids’ heads clean from lice, parents opt for strong treatment products and then overuse them. This is an issue in the USA for years now, and it is coming to the UK, too, says doctor Paul Stillman to Mirror.

Most treatments should be used only twice. A lot of parents get too worried about lice and use the products several times. Other parents mistake dandruff or even glitter as lice and also use the treatment products.

This gives actual lice a chance to build resistance to the chemicals. Hence, the super lice is born. But that doesn’t mean you should panic. Not at all, the doctors say.

Head lice aren’t a serious problem. Sure, they are not something you would like to have. But they are not something you should worry about, Stillman says.

You should consult with your doctor about a treatment and secure a couple of days off school. Contrary to popular belief, head lice doesn’t care about the state of the hair, Sillman adds.

All they need is a head-to-head contact. Lice can’t jump or fly. They simply grab passing hair. They can also live for a short while in bedding, stuffed animals and fluffy carpets. Here’s more info how to clean stuffed animals from lice.

This is why it’s important to vacuum and clean all stuffed animals, toys and the house in general if a family member has lice. It’s also normal for children to pick up to ten coughs and colds a year since their immune system is developing. The point is, don’t panic, simply consult a doctor or a pharmacist for proper treatment.