Stuffed toy dog has gone missing after a space mission (video)

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Stuffed toy dog has gone missing after a space mission (video)Schoolchildren successfully launched in space a stuffed toy dog along with  a video camera. The stuffie has gone missing upon returning to Earth though.

The event was a project by kids in the Morecamble Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire England. They sent the toy dog into space last Tuesday.

Sam the Dog, as the kids called the stuffed animal, reached to over 25 km in height. It was attached to a balloon along with a GoPro video camera. The balloon popped as planned which sent the equipment back to the ground.

The problem is that Sam, as most dogs, decided to broke away from the pack and is now missing. The camera and other equipment has been successfully found. The stuffed animal though hasn’t been.

Now, the schoolkids and their friends are launching a search for Sam the Dog. Ben Berry from English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues have also taken part into the search. They are offering a reward for the person who finds and brings Sam back to the school.

The USA Today has posted a video from the launch of Sam the Dog into space and his travel.