Stuffed animals still among the top gifts and participants on Easter

Stuffed animals still among the top gifts and participants on Easter
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

Easter is almost here! Once again, it’s going to be quite a big celebration for millions of people. And, once again, stuffed animals will have a center role in many of the celebrations and gifts.

In fact, stuffed animals are going to once again take a center stage on the Easter gift baskets. They are also going to take part in lots of egg hunts and many more activities.

The online platform Wallet Hub has some interesting facts about how Americans spend Easter and how much they spend on the holiday. It’s a lot – $18.2 billion for this year alone.

But when you divide it among all 81% of Americans who say they plan to celebrate Easter, the sum gets lower. On average each American plans to spend about $150 on the holiday in 2018.

77% of parents say they will give their children an Easter basket filled with candy, eggs and… stuffed animals (yay). Americans will spend a total of $2.9 billion of the $18.2 billion on gifts. They will also spend $2.6 billion on Easter candy.

$3.2 billion will go for Easter clothing. But most of the money, $5.7 billion, will go for Easter meals and food. A total of 57.9% of people plan to have a home cooked Easter meal. 60.1% will visit family and make the holiday even more special.

And there’s more. 81% of parents say they will actually steal some candy from their kids’ stash and use it for the Easter basket. Well, that’s… interesting, to say the least.

Finally, some chocolate Easter bunny discussions. 59% of people believe you would eat the chocolate bunny’s ears first. 4% say you should start from the tale. Another 4% say you should start from the feet. And a whole 33% don’t care how you eat it.

Apart from chocolate Easter bunnies, people also love marshmallow Peeps for Easter. A total of 1.5 billion of these sweets will be eaten this Easter.