Stuffed animals souvenirs from around the world gallery

Stuffed animals souvenirs from around the worldWhat better way to remember your tips than to bring home some stuffed animals souvenirs? We don’t travel all that much but we do bring home a stuffie whenever we can. Sometimes even more than one.

Do you like stuffed animals souvenirs? A lot of people like to get some kind of a souvenir when they travel abroad. Gift shops are full with all kinds of stuff and usually there are always some stuffed animals.

Other times it’s just best to get something from a normal store. In London for example we found a huge store for stuffies that span about three floors! Needless to say it took us quite a lot of time to check it out. Other stuffies actually come from the airports. We simply saw them and *had* to buy them. Others come from the hearts of the city. And do you know what? We love them all equally. They carry great memories for us.

Do you like to get some stuffed animals as souvenirs when you travel? You can show us your collection in our forum.

This is our stuffed animals souvenirs collection that we have been building for tha past three or so years. It features stuffies from London, Nice, Las Vegas. Some come srom Frankfurt, San Francisco, Chicago. We have additions from Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nessebar and Belgrade too. We are looking forward to further expanding our collection in the years to come.

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But before that enjoy our

Stuffed animals souvenirs from around the world gallery

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