Is stuffed animals role play weird or cool

Stuffed animals role play is goodIf you like stuffed animals chances are you play with them often. And it’s more than likely that you tend to get into different roles. Maybe you even have special roles and characters for your soft toys? And you’ve probably wondered is stuffed animals role play a weird thing to do?

Well, there’s no easy way of saying this, so we will be blunt. Ready? No, it’s not weird. Actually it can be quite beneficial on psychological level no matter what age you are.

For one role playing has been proven to be a great way to develop and exercise the mind. You can expand your creativity by creating and living in various scenarious. Maybe you even have developed characters for your favorite stuffed animals and you fell like you can communicate with them as with a real person.

Sounds weird? It’s actually quite natural when you spend a lot of your time with stuffed animals. Having another friend that’s always there for you is a great thing. Even if that friend is a little quiet.

Another benefit of stuffed animals role play is that it can be a great stress reliever. The mere knowledge that you can go to your favorite world for a while will make you feel better. Now, some may say that this could lead to issues in the long term. That is only possible if you seek your imaginary world to take place of your actual life. But if you recognize that this is just a game and it’s for fun, you will be more than fine.

Stuffed animals role play is very beneficial to kids, too. It can help them develop their mind and can be used to teach them values, rules of life and even practical stuff like how to bandage a wound for example.

Also children are much more open than adults. Grown ups also remember what was like to have imaginary friends and play all day with them or with the toys and feel surrounded by the best people possible.

This is a great child quality that actually can be useful in the adult life as staying open to the world gives a lot of different perspectives that can be very helpful. Stuffed animals role play can help you keep that quality and remind yourself to use it in your everyday life.

Do you role play with your stuffed toys? Don’t be shy and tell us. We do too.