Stuffed animals remain amongst the top searched Valentine’s Day gifts

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Stuffed animals remain amongst the top searched Valentine's Day giftsDespite people trying to say stuffed animals are a used up Valentine’s Day gift, they still remain one of the most searched items for the special day. Stuffies are still one of the go-to gifts, shows a research by the company Estately.

It checked out the most searched words on Google for Valentine’s Day gifts in the United States for the past 12 years. And while some states do have some strange ideas, like Lobster tails for Montana, most states do like to keep with the traditions.

Chocolates, poetry, even mix tapes are still being amongst the top searches for the various states. Some are most looking for jewels like bracelets. Others are going the extra mile with fur coats (Wisconsin). And in Iowa the most searched item is… a tandem bicycle.

Stuffed animals usually also come up somewhere in the top rated searches. But in New Hampshire they take the top spot in the searches out of all other possible Valentine’s Day gifts. So, if you live in New Hampshire, then you know what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Here we have a special guide for choosing the right stuffed animal for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Plushies are a great gift since they always carry warmth and love with them. Especially when chosen with care and gifted with love. Then the little (or not so little) cuddly toys become like a true friend and companion. Someone who will always be by your side and will remind you of your loved one.

Stuffies are also a great way to have some unique new experiences. Like sending them on vacation or going to teddy bear picnics, trips or simply cuddling and relaxing after a long day. Those are just some reasons why stuffed animals are a great gift and not only for Valentine’s Day.