Stuffed animals pets – good as the real?

Stuffed animals petsStuffed animals pets are a┬átopic that comes up in every home with kids. It comes a time where the children want a pet but the parents well know that they don’t have the time and the kids don’t have the mindset for taking care of a real animal. For them the pet is just another form of a toy. And what happens when the child no longer likes that “toy”?

So stuffed animals pets seem like a great trade off. But how to convince a child to accept stuffed animals pets? And what are the benefits? Let’s see.

Stuffed animals pets and kids

Every kid will not easily accept the idea of a stuffed animal instead of a real pet. But with some right parenting, you can turn it into a positive experience for all. You can tell the child he or she is still to young to take proper care of a real animal. Tell the child that having a real pet is a very big responsibility and it’s not only fun and games.

Thus hainvg some stuffed animals pets can be a great “training camp” for the kid to get used to the idea of having to take care of someone. Granted, it’s not the same, but thanks to some creativity and play, the child can learn to remember to feed the pet, to clean up, take care of it not to get injured and/or taking measures when an incident does happen.

Buying a realistic animated stuffed animal with extra functions like movement and sounds, can also add some extra realism to the experience. Try to tell and show the child that having a stuffed animal as a pet for a while can be interesting and beneficial which can lead to getting a real pet after a while. Don’t just tell them they have to do it because you say so. Show them why they would like it themselves.

Use the toy to teach the child everything they need to know about pets and living with one. From the fun stuff down to the basics like how to properly carry the pet. Thus, when the time comes the child will feel ready for the real animal and treat it properly and will know what to expect. This will be a win-win-win situation for everybody. The child won’t be scared when the animal does something “animalish, the pet will feel happier being loved and taken care of properly and the parents will be happy seeing their happy child and happy pet together.

So, yeah, stuffed animals pets can be good as the real. At least for children who are still getting to know the real animals. Do you have your own tips or comments? Leave them below or on our forum.