Stuffed animals on vacation gallery

Recently we took some of our stuffed animals on vacation to the seaside. They loved it. Turns out stuffies love to travel and explore.

So we did just that. Even more surprising, they weren’t scared of going out and¬†posing for a few photos. As a result we now have a cute little gallery for you of our stuffed animals on vacation. We hope you like it.

Also, if you have also taken your stuffed animals on vacation, or have other cool pictures of them feel free to share them. You can do that in our forum and the best photosets will get their own galleries here.

The gang initially consisted from five stuffies most of whom you already know from the various pictures on this site. The new addition is the Toucan who came along for his first trip. During the drip we met a new friend and we decided to keep him. You probably know him – Nemo.

One last thing before we set you off to the gallery. It might not seem like it, but there were quite a few people around when we took the pictures. Naturally our stuffed friends gathered attention and brought quite a few smiles to the people around.

Hint: you can use the arrow keys to browse through the pictures more easily after you open them.

Enjoy our gallery of Stuffed animals on vacation