Stuffed animals and the memories they carry

stuffed-dogWe often say that stuffed animals carry a lot of memories. Every time you look at your stuffies memories from different times start to pop up in your head. Some may not even have a lot to do with the given toy. It just reminds you of a particular time in your life.

In the same time though you can also remember some specific things about the given stuffed animal you’re looking at. Maybe you remember how you got it. Or stories of your play times and adventures start to pop up. Whatever the case stuffies provide you with a great happy world that is available every time you look at them.

You’ve probably noticed by now that this entry is a bit different than the usual. There’s no particular reason for that. I just felt comfortable enough to share my thoughts. Maybe even motivate some of you to also share their memories?

Take the stuffed dog from the picture above for example. I’ve had it before since I can even remember, so this means more than 25 years at the least. I have no idea how it got here apart from what I’ve been told by my parents.

While I may not remember that, I do remember a lot of other stuff. Like countless hours I’ve played with him and all of his other stuffed friends. The even more hours where I’ve played with other toys, studied, even worked and he was always somewhere in the room giving me my memories in the moments I took short breaks and looked around.

He continues to do that to this day. Even to this moment. Right now he’s on the cabinet to my right along with his other friends. In this case he reminds me of the times I played with him and sang a local children’s song about winter and snow. I even gave him the same name as the dog in that song – Sharo.

You and I should take time to thank our stuffed friends for making us feel better and sticking by our sides for years and years. We can be sure that they will continue to soak up the memories in the years to come and continue to give us great stories. I’m sure that creating this blog will be one of them.

What are your favorite memories with stuffed animals?