Stuffed animals maybe improving the quality of your sleep

Stuffed animals maybe improving the quality of your sleepSleeping with stuffed animals may be improving the quality of your sleep. That’s what a new survey shows. And also – millennials are more likely to do it.

That’s what a new survey by Best Mattress Brand shows, as reported by TODAY. It turns out sleeping with a stuffed animal as a child can impact you as an adult.

And if you still do it, that can be both beneficial and problematic. Millennials are the age group most likely to still sleep with a stuffed animal after growing up. 16% of millennials say they still sleep with a stuffie by their side.

Only 8% of Generation X say the same and 2% of the baby-boomers. There are famous millennials who still sleep with stuffies, too. One of them is Amy Schumer who’s often said she loves stuffed animals. Late last year she revealed that she sleeps with a total of six stuffed animals.

Her then-boyfriend though didn’t quite like it. A total of 2% of people say they are bothered if someone still sleeps with a stuffed animal. 6% have even given an ultimatum to the other person to stop it. Interestingly enough, 4% of respondents say they are bothered by someone who sleeps with a teddy bear. 12% have given an ultimatum, too.

The survey shows that the special blanket and dolls bother people the most – 29% and 30% respectively. Even so, only 6% of people give an ultimatum for blankets, but 30% give one for dolls.

Those that still do sleep with stuffed animals though report benefits. Scientists added data from older surveys from the 1920 to compare the results. The new survey showed that 72% of people sleeping with stuffed animals say they toss and turn while they sleep even as adults. But those that do sleep with stuffed animals are now the least likely to snore.

The scientists think the main reason why people still want to sleep with stuffed animals is habit. But we think there’s more to it. It’s also the magic of stuffed animals and their warm, cuddly vibe that help you relax.