Stuffed animals lice treatment

Stuffed animals lice treatmentHead lice are a common problem and there’s no need to panic or worry. The little critters love to live in stuffed animals as well because of their furry exterior. But again, don’t panic. There are few easy tips for stuffed animals lice treatment to help you out.

Stuffed animals lice treatment it may sound a bit overwhelming but rest assured. It is nothing you can’t do with ease while keeping your stuffie safe and the hygene up to standards.

Tips on stuffed animals lice treatment

First up a few words about lice. Having lice doesn’t mean your hygene is low. They actually like nicer environments. They don’t fly or jump so it’s not like being close to a person with lice means you will get them for sure. Now if you share hats or play with the same stuffed animal, that’s a different story.

But that said, lice need blood so this means they can’t survive long on a stuffed animal and the contact should be made relatively soon after the lice has set foot on the toy. But in the rare case your stuffie does have lice here’s what to do.

Give the stuffed animal a bath. You can also use a dryer to kill the lice as they don’t like hot temperatures. But before doing that check the label of the stuffie to see if it can whitstand such high temperatures themselves. You don’t want your favorite teddy bear to shrink.

If you’re not sure then there are other options. One is to put the toy in the freezer for a day and then dry it on a softer setting. Vacumming the stuffie is another easy option that gives good results.

You can also put the toy in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours which will also kill the lice. Then it’s a matter of another vacuuming or light wash. Some specialists though say the period that the toy should stay in the bag should be longer, so your mileage may vary.

Generally stuffed animals lice treatment is not much different than ridding stuffed animals from dust mites. So you can check this article for some more ideas. If you have other questions about stuffed animals lice treatment let us know in the comments below or in our forum.