Stuffed animals can help children cope with crime

Stuffed animals can help children cope with crimeWitnessing a crime can be very traumatizing for a child. There are a lot of ways to help children to deal with the stress and fears that may arise after witnessing a crime. Stuffed animals can also have a very positive effect.

So positive that the organization Homicide Survivors Support Group is collecting donations in the form of stuffed animals. Recently people from the group accepted stuffies at Walmart in Flour Bluff, KIIITV reports.

The toys will be blessed and donated to CCPD and other agencies that help children affected by crime. They will provide the toys to the children as a gift.

The initiative is called Teddy Bear Drive. Don’t let the name fool you though, all kinds of stuffed animals are happily accepted. It’s just that Teddy Bear is a more widely known and loved name.

The gathering of stuffies will continue until November 23rd. If you don’t want to separate with your teddy bear, you can buy one especially for the cause. Or you can leave a monetary donation which┬áis also accepted.

As we have previously established stuffed animals can do a lot to help cope with depression and fears. They are often used bu children as a friendly figure or even as a way to express their feelings.

So the initiative will do a lot of good for the children in need. It is something that we would like to see done in a lot more cities. And also more ofthen than once a year as sadly crime isn’t going away and our stuffed heroes will be needed. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend