Stuffed animals are named among the best gifts for Easter

Stuffed animals are named among the best gifts for Easter
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

A lot of parents want to buy certain gifts for their kids for Easter. That’s great, but you should be careful what you get them, experts say.

Often parents get too impulsive and buy their child live rabbits, chicks or ducklings as Easter gifts. Instead, you should buy stuffed animals, The Humane Society of Central Oregon says.

Stuffed animals, chocolate or other sweets are the best gifts for Easter, the organization adds. It’s the best way to enjoy the event and not risk the health of real animals.

The young rabbits, chicks and ducks are cute and adorable. But when they grow up, most kids will stop being interested in them. But the animals will still need daily care and it’s very specific type of care. So, the animals end up unwanted, neglected or even thrown away.

“Shortly after Easter many rabbits, chickens and ducklings are brought to animal shelters throughout the nation and have a difficult time getting a home. Many others are released into the wild or parks where these domesticated species cannot fend for themselves and suffer an uncertain future”, the organization adds.

This is why you should instead focus on finding cute stuffed animals. There are many to choose from. Some are very realistic, others are like cartoon characters. There a big, small, cuddly, with movable parts, with sound, you name it. And you will not have to worry about taking care of them. It’s a great way to bring some joy and not have a real animal suffer in the process.